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Other Game Designs and Media Projects

Pike & Shot Poker

Pike & Shot is a strategy board game I began designing in 2016. It is based on early-modern warfare, when armies used a combination of gunpowder weapons and medieval tactics.

The main innovation of the game is that melee combat is resolved by playing a hand of poker, which allows for bluffing. The game also has high replayability because you can pair different officers with different unit types to create a distinct army each time you play.

pike and shot 2016.jpg

The Hero's Journey Around UCF

"The Hero's Jounrey Around UCF" is a mobile story I made for my Applied Interactive Story class using the ARIS platfrom.


It is a humorous geographic mnemonic that associates eight places on UCF's main campus with plot points from the archetypal story pattern described by mythologist Joseph Cambell.


The user unlocks chapters from the story of "Jil and the Internet Troll" (an epic myth I made up for UCF) by walking around UCF's circumference.

heros journey around ucf map.png
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